【Name】:Portable electric cotton harvester

【Application Fields】cotton harvester is suitable for small cotton farm to use.
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Product Description

Cotton harvester has scientific design, not easily taken down when picking the leaves, not affect the quality of cotton.Equipped with a dedicated charger, using intelligent three-step charge, short circuit, over current, reverse connect protection function.With special toolbox, easy to carry

Accessories show

Cotton harvester,12 v battery,specification ,charger ,picking cotton bag,toolbox.

Character about cotton harvester

1.Easy to operation,light weight,low noise.

2.Novel appearance, strong power,low electric consumption.

3.Cotton harvester can be applied to wet, long wool and cotton.

4.Efficiency than load over 80% - 80% is generally 1.5 to 2 times of human hands.

5.Performance is stable and reliable, can work long time continuous.

Detailed data about cotton harvester

Charging time(hr)8
Feeding quantity(kg/h)10-12


How to operate?

Sufficient battery before you use the battery, the charger into the charging jack, the other end connected to 220 v power supply, battery charger red light indicator.When light is by the red light turns into a green light, said the battery has been charged.(battery cannot lack of electricity use, after use to charge in time, such as long time not to use, best to charge each month.)

1 will be enough electric battery into the battery bag, buckle fastening on the back in the body.

2 will set cotton bags tied to the waist, set on the cotton bag imported cotton-picking machine for cotton cloth tube dou mouth connected tightly.

3 cotton-picking mechanical and electrical source properly connected battery is negative.

4.Turn on the power switch, front-end picking first touch your cotton-picking machine completely open bolls of cotton, cotton is automatically entered into cotton collection bags (as far as possible when in contact with cotton and disc contact increases picking speed), should replace the battery when turn began to grow slowly, and at once the battery is low battery.Cotton-picking end to clean up.

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