【Name】:Small type gasoline cotton picker

【Application Fields】Cotton picker can suotable for small farm to use.the machine is gasoline type.
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Product Description

Cotton picker has simple structure, light weight, small volume.Low price, high efficiency.Convenient operation, low cost, 

Cotton picker can reduce the labor intensity, and can greatly reduce the cost of picking cotton.When picking, not taken down cotton leaves and cotton shell, impurity rate less than 1%, no damage to cotton fiber, does not affect the quality of the cotton grade.

Character about cotton picker

1.Increase efficiency of the cotton-picking, under normal circumstances, a mechanical worth 20 artificial cotton picking quantity

2.Performance is stable and reliable, can work long time continuous, not out of order, BuKa don't plug, suitable for all kinds of cotton (including long-staple cotton flower, damp cotton, getting old cotton, etc

3.Using high quality materials and accessories, cotton-picking machine normally at least pick up cotton can be used more than five consecutive season 

4.The net rate is high, as long as more than 50% open bolls, can harvest, the net rate is more than 96%, increase cotton production.

5.Cotton picker has small noice, sharply reduce picking cotton of toil, and at the same time protect the fingers from harm.

Detailed data about cotton picker

2 stroker air cooling
Oil fuel(gasoline)
Initial work 100 hours in those days, 100 hours after operation with spake


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