【Name】:Working width 3.9 m disc ridge

【Application Fields】Disc ridge can suit for ridging beans,vegetable,potato,etc.working width 3.9 m type.ridging space can reach 700-900 mm.ridging height is 200-250 mm.use 40-80 HP Power,save labour,save time,have high efficiency,can suit for farmer use.
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Product Description

Disc ridge most working at beans field,vegetable field,potato field,etc.working width is 3.9 m type,ridging height can reach 200-250 mm.ridging space can reach 700-900 mm.use 40-80 HP Power tractor,can save labour,save working time,have high efficiency.

We made some types disc ridge,you can choose one type suit for you.working width is from 2.5 m to 3.9 m.both types disc ridge ridging space can adjust from 700-900 mm.ridging height can adjust from 200-250 mm.

Character about disc ridge:

  1. Disc ridge can suit use at vegetable fields,potato fields,beans fields,etc.

  2. Working width from 2.5 m to 3.9 m.ridging height also can adjust from 200-250 mm.ridging space can agjust from 700-900 mm.you can choose one as you need.

  3. Disc rigde have high quality baldes,can easier avoid stone,stalk,can make ridging more easier.

  4. Use 40-80 HP Power tractor,save labour,save working time,have a efficiency.suit for farmer use.

  5. Also we made types plough,harrows.if you need welcome to contact

Details data about disc ridge:



Working width(mm)


Riding space(mm)


Riding height(mm)







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