【Name】:Disc Wheat sowing machine with fertilizer

【Application Fields】This wheat sowing machine is applicable to the plains and hilly areas of wheat seeds and fertilizer.
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Product Description

This wheat sowing machine is suitable for sowing wheat,millet, sorghum,grass,sesame and other crops.it can riding,sowing and fertilizing in one time.This machine can be mounted with 15-60hp tractor.Depth of seed sowing is controlled by the two wheels with option of adjustment of row spacing.now we have rows from 9-24rows.

Character about wheat sowing machine

1,The sowing space and width is easy to make adjustment.

2,This machine enables us to sow directly after harvest without prior seed bed preparation.

3,After sowing,the fields are very smooth.

4,This wheat sowing machine uses rubber tires, the drive part is driven by the chain.

5,The sowing opener has two types, disc type and  arrow shovel type, widely used in differen condition soil.

Detailed data about wheat sowing machine

Sowing width (mm)1350
Rowing space (mm)150150150
Sowing depth (mm)40-80
Matched power(hp)
Linkage3 point mounted3 point mounted3 point mounted


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